What is Licensing?

Licensing is a way to generate revenue and build the visabilty of your brand. Licensing can be a way to advertise your brand in a revenue generating model. Licensing can also help extend the life of your brand and add value to your business model. Brentwood Licensing, LLC can prepare a company, property, or brand for licensing. Ask us how!

Licensing for Licensees:

Brentwood Licensing, LLC can match manfuctures strengths and needs with the perfect license or brand. Brentwood Licensing LLC can prepare potential licensees for licensing.

Licensing for Licensors:

Brentwood Licensing LLC can find the perfect manufacturer or retailer and products that make a strategic match for licensee and licensor.


Brentwood Licensing LLC takes the next step and provides sales leads, regional reps, and retail partnerships so that the new relationship between licesnor and licensee as a strong launch.


Brentwood Licensing LLC takes another step and helps both licensees and licensors understand the creative combination of product and character or product and brand so that both maximze the licensing opportunity. Brentwood Licensing LLC uses graphic designers that understand licensing and can help create better designs built around the brand or licensed property.

New Business Development:

Brentwood Licensing, LLC takes another step and helps find new products that work for both the licensee and licensor.


Brentwood Licensing LLC can help you source both domestically or internationally.


Contact Joel Barnett at Joel@BrentwoodLicensing.com or 310-720-3285

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